Break-Free CLP
Synthetic, multi-purpose oil for efficient maintenance. BREAK-FREE cleans, displaces water, helps loosen stuck parts, lubricates and protects from rust.

BREAK-FREE® CLP (Cleans Lubricates Preserves) was developed in the 1970s to meet the criteria of what was known as the "impossible specification", formulated by the U.S. military. The objective was to replace eight different products with one, since it was neither logistic nor practically possible for soldiers to keep weapons battle ready during field conditions. After years of extensive research and testing, BREAK-FREE CLP was the only product to meet, and actually exceed, the "impossible specification". Since then,BREAK-FREE has been the primary maintenance product for the U.S. Army, Navy and Air force - and has also been adopted by twenty other countries around the world as well as by NATO.