Tac-Up Gear is a unique webshop with focus on Swedish M90 camouflage clothes and products. Created and based in Sweden in 2006 we soon became known on all continents of the world because of the unique designed items in the webshop.
We sell to all parts of the world and have customers such as Police, Military, Hunters, Trekkers, Movie industry etc.

Driven by the passion for practical gear and new camouflage patterns in interesting fabrics most items are exclusively designed and produced in limited edition most often in the Swedish Armed Forces M90 pattern.

The characteristics of the Tac-Up Gear brand are uniqueness and practicality and our focus lies in outdoor clothing, patches and other smaller gear which seems interesting to us!

Our catch phrase is: It’s time to tactically upgrade your gear!

Our logo, the Viking ship, was created in the 1930´s on a piece of wood by the Swedish artist Ragnar Sandgren. 

Slightly modified to be used as our logo today, the ship shows sailing on a moonlit sea, delivering unique products to you!
I feel proud to carry on the creating and designing tradition in the Sandgren family.

Martin Sandgren, CEO & Lead Designer