Weapons and Tactics
Weapons and tactics training aims to you in your future career as a police, military or private security sector to manage your skills and reactions in an extremely threatening situation.

Staff Sagittarius living is also about to face criminal suspects. Not infrequently occurring elements violence and threats. It is therefore of great importance that you yourself can make a reasonable assessment of the risks and threats you can met with. Techniques and assessments must be anchored in the existing legislation.

The training is based on the individual's reflections on  ethical and legal
issues. During the program you will come in contact with different types of
forms of teaching.

The substance composed mainly of three blocks

• Motor learning
• Slide Training with live ammunition
• Tactics

Staff Weapon
Service Force's structure and function are treated as well as the safety rules that govern the handling of service weapon. Training in basic gun handling is carried out. Legislation governing service shooter use of weapons covered in depth.
The basic tactical approach.

The course deepens the student's skills and handling of service weapons through theoretical and applied
exercises in different shooting techniques, movement techniques and shooting positions. Experiential exercises carried out in order to strengthen the student's skills and understanding of weapon use in the profession, based on legal, moral and ethical perspective.
Factors that influence decisions in stressful situations discussed. The communicative approach associated
by Staff shooter weapons use and tactics deepened.

Armstech offers jacking and continuing education in these areas. Courses that are suitable for you
Today's service gunner (police, military and the civil security sector) All of our instructors have extensive experience in
weapons use, and operational activities of the Police Authority or the Armed Forces. Armstech has a close
cooperation with Hässelmara SKF.

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